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Spinach & Jalapeno Cheddar Grits

I have a friend who is really, really into “Love Languages.” I wasn’t familiar with the concept beyond knowing that “love languages” exist, but she assured me that my love language would definitely be “acts of service.” I have to wonder, though, if my true love language is “acts of brunch.” In expressing my chosen love […]

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Spinach Hummus Feta Dip

 My recipes make a sizeable shift at approximately the last week of August from salads and grill specialties to tailgate-ready appetizers. The start of football season brings opportunities to use the food processor to blend anything and everything until smooth. This year, though, I’ve been traveling later in the week and landing in our local airport later […]

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Grilled steak and blue cheese bruschetta

I’m contemplating the upcoming end of summer, and I’m going to miss nights like we enjoyed a few weeks ago. A random group text inviting us to a friend’s pool had us in the car in five minutes flat. We spent all day at the pool, then realized that we were starving and started discussing […]

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Cheese Boards

My key to hosting parties: having a spread of appetizers that guests can enjoy. In my house, this usually takes the form of a cheese board. The appetizer on arrival is the greatest distraction technique any host can deploy. Guests now have an area that you’ve subtly invited them to gather in and have a […]

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Grill Inspiration

This post is dedicated to today – Friday. A day for wrapping up the work week and contemplating all of the chores I have neglected things you’re going to grill over the weekend. This post doesn’t feature a single recipe. That’s the best part about grilling. No need for precision. Grilling is so forgiving. Marinades don’t […]

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