Bourbon & Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars with a Cinnamon Crust

As you finalize your plans for Thanksgiving this week, let me put one small and undeniably delicious wrinkle in your plans. This “wrinkle” is in the form of a gooey, rich bourbon and chocolate pecan bar with a buttery crust and a hint of cinnamon.  Despite the fact that I love trying out new recipes […]

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White Chocolate, Macadamia Nut & Caramel Cookie Bars

These freezing days have kept me in the holiday baking season a bit too long longer than usual. As I still have hundreds of graham crackers leftover from the wedding and the failed s’mores bar, I decided to go full-on Christmas cookie with this recipe.  I’m not sure what the actual name is for these […]

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S’mores Bars

I love everything about marshmallows. I love their name. I love their fluffiness. I love the cheap grocery store and high-falutin’ bakery iterations alike. Flavored or plain, all shapes and sizes, and the divinely sticky marshmallow creme, are found in abundance in my kitchen even when I’m out of so-called staples. There is a fire […]

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