Cake Batter Truffles

Cookie dough, cake batter, brownie batter – they’re all in the category of “favorite indulgence ever” as far as I’m concerned. It appears that I’m not alone in this designation. I know for sure that at least Ketch and Sammy agree (yes, I’m still somewhat fuming over the Great Dog Truffle Heist of 2013). And […]

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Cake Batter Chex Mix Two Ways (& Winter Cheer)

The holiday season is so delightfully busy. Even though we are all running around from party to party, our calendars are packed with the so-much-fun kind of engagements that it isn’t unpleasant at all to need to be in three places at once. Or maybe I’m still experiencing post-finals euphoria. Either way, holidays are a wonderful time to […]

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Birthday Cake Batter Truffles

We can all claim without any pretension to be really, really good at something. My something is batter. I can make a dough or batter like no one’s business. When I first became interested in cooking in elementary school, my mom bought me a cookbook composed entirely of cookies. My theory now as an adult […]

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