Italian Zucchini, Sundried Tomato, and Olive Cornbread

I’ve started going overboard with my soup and chili recipes. I’m all about a comforting broth this time of year. If I had my way, I probably wouldn’t eat solid food from early October until about March. Curries and bisques and stews could keep me satisfied all winter long, I’m sure of it.  Rather than […]

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Cinnamon + Brown Sugar Challah Bread Pudding

When I find a gorgeous loaf of bread, my instinct is to doll it up. My husband’s is to eat it, all of it, on the spot. We usually split the loaf and I get to cook with half of it and then I graciously turn a blind eye to whatever happens to the other […]

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Progressive Pumpkin Bread

Let me be clear, I haven’t discussed either insurance or politics with this delicious, spiced pumpkin bread. I’m calling it “progressive” because once I saw how much batter I had on hand, I realized that I would have to get creative with additions and use multiple baking sheets, pans, etc., in order to finish baking […]

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