Cheddar and Herb Cauliflower "Biscuits"

Maybe it’s a bit misleading to call these biscuits. Maybe I should have gone with another name. The reason I went with “biscuits” is because I think that they taste as close to the much-admired Cheddar Bay Biscuit as you can get* in the flavor department. *I should say: as close as you can come to […]

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Sweet Potato Waffle Iron Hash Browns with Cheddar, Zucchini, and Bacon

Spring has definitely arrived to Northwest Arkansas. When I say that spring weather has arrived, I mean that we have had temperatures that have been consistently over 40 for at least six days in a row. That’s really all I can ask for. I’m sure we’ll have an ice storm next week. With spring’s arrival, though, […]

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Savory Corn & Cheddar Waffle Ham Sandwich with White Cheddar-Mustard Sauce

I gave myself a bit of a Spring Break this week from sharing delicious recipes! The reason wasn’t a glamorous vacation, or even a staycation, or even leaving work at a reasonable hour. Nope, I felt like zoning out after work, but this was not possible due to the four dogs we had in our […]

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