Chili with Roasted Butternut Squash

As winter continues to chill us to the core, I feel sufficiently protected through my five layers of clothing to break out the food puns. Thus: chili. Because I’m chilly.  I can hear your giggles from all the way over here.  We had a perfectly relaxing weekend night at home a couple of weeks ago. […]

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Cozy Turkey and Wild Rice Soup (plus a Pumpkin Pie Martini)

Thanksgiving leftovers are a much-anticipated but fleeting part of the holiday season. At this point, three days after Thanksgiving, you can probably button your pants and you’ve probably gotten some of your Christmas decorations out. In addition, you have probably grown pretty bored of turkey sandwiches.  Honestly, I don’t like turkey that much when it […]

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Aperol Spritz: La Dolce Thanksgiving Cocktail

 My sweet cousin is a jet-setting flight attendant. This means that she gets to see taste the world and get paid for it. She always has the best stories, the most delicious-sounding dinners to tell us about, and the most glamorous new things from everywhere. She was able to take her delicious Delta traditional Thanksgiving skills on the […]

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