Lemon Madeleines with Clementine Glaze

I generally shy away from foods that require their own cooking vessels. My life kitchen is sufficiently cluttered without single-purpose utensils, dishes, and molds, thank you very much. A happy exception to this rule is the madeleine mold.  Madeleines are simple, slightly-sweet French butter cakes. They require few ingredients, rarely “flop”, and are one of […]

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Zucchini Au Gratin

On Wednesday, I received notification that I am featured on Rachael Ray’s website as “Cook of the Week”. It’s always an honor to receive a nod, but when the nod comes from Rachael Ray, well, that’s pretty much the coolest thing ever! Here is the link: This is also a good time to insert […]

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Planning a breakfast in bed for your sweetheart this Thursday? Or for yourself? Let me suggest crepes. They’re easy, a bit fancy (“Don’t say it, Ricky Bobby“) and individually customizable, so that you aren’t stuck compromising (the worst!) when all you want is an indulgent breakfast. Crepes can be made savory or sweet, but that […]

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