Quinoa in the Morning: Two Ways!

My new favorite breakfast has been experimenting with quinoa. I’ve made sweet and savory variations over the last few weeks that I’m excited to share. These dishes are easy to make, and they cook for 15 minutes, giving you time to wake up, get breakfast started, and enjoy a cup of tea (or rush around […]

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Creamy Parsnip & Pumpkin Soup with Thyme-Crusted Proscuitto

A vegetable-based, creamy soup is perfect for frigid winter nights. It’s healthy enough to be respectable (compared to, like, pizza) and more rich and smooth than you’d expect from a humble parsnip soup.  There are three keys to this comforting, flavorful soup:  Coconut milk – unsweetened coconut milk is not a “healthy” substitute for heavy […]

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