Caprese Dip with Pesto

This isn’t a recipe that I’m sharing because I’m proud of a fancy ingredient or a revolutionary cooking technique. Nope. I’m sharing the recipe because it is one that I fall back on time and time again when I’m cooking for friends. This dip is a real-life, everyday recipe that takes under five minutes of prep […]

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Pear, Pecan & Brown Sugar Oatmeal with Coconut Milk

We spent our Memorial Day weekend in beautiful Savannah, Georgia watching a couple of dear friends get married (in Forsyth Park, no less). We drove down (just a short 15 hours each way) – and when I say “we,” I mean my husband and one of his friends who we carpooled with – overnight on […]

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Parmesan Chicken Baked Eggs with Cajun Skillet Potatoes

When I first started reading cooking blogs, phrases like “there’s nothing to it,” “it’s barely even a recipe,” and “it’s just the most simple thing ever,” really, really aggravated me. Well, I’d say in my head, thanks for wasting the internet to tell us all about the time you almost cooked. Your contributions to the […]

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