Smoked Petit Jean Bologna with Smoked Jalapeno Mustard BBQ Sauce

My recent recipe collaboration with Petit Jean Meats is now posted on their website. I shared our method for smoked bologna, plus a smoked jalapeno and mustard barbecue sauce on their recipe website, Petit Jean Eats, today. Two smoked recipes for the price of one? Well, not really. The recipes are free. But certainly they are […]

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Roasted Vegetable Curry Soup with Chicken and Quinoa

After a Labor Day weekend filled with friends, house guests, and an impromptu cookout, we had a refrigerator brimming with fantastic homemade leftovers that I really had no desire whatsoever to eat again. There are only so many times each week that I can get excited about the same meal. Even when the “same meal” […]

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Bacon & Tomato Smoked Cabbage Wedges

Like anyone with a bit of British cooking heritage, I really, really enjoy cabbage. I just don’t understand why it hasn’t achieved the popularity that I think it deserves. There’s nothing simpler than sauteing chopped cabbage with a bit of butter and seasoning with salt and pepper for a side dish. Husband tried to refuse to sample cabbage cooked this way […]

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