Pear, Pecan & Brown Sugar Oatmeal with Coconut Milk

We spent our Memorial Day weekend in beautiful Savannah, Georgia watching a couple of dear friends get married (in Forsyth Park, no less). We drove down (just a short 15 hours each way) – and when I say “we,” I mean my husband and one of his friends who we carpooled with – overnight on […]

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Cinnamon + Brown Sugar Challah Bread Pudding

When I find a gorgeous loaf of bread, my instinct is to doll it up. My husband’s is to eat it, all of it, on the spot. We usually split the loaf and I get to cook with half of it and then I graciously turn a blind eye to whatever happens to the other […]

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Brunch in Charleston

We had two glorious brunches during our honeymoon in Charleston, South Carolina. The quintessentially gorgeous southern town showered us with its legendary hospitality every meal that we enjoyed in the Holy City, but the brunches were truly special.  The first morning of our honeymoon we walked from our great hotel, the Ansonborough Inn, to Toast! […]

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