Homemade donuts. I’ve seen homemade donuts posted on many Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards, and I had always rolled my eyes a bit. There are some things that I will assume are better homemade, but are definitely way too much work for the final product. I’m not a donut fiend, or I might have a different opinion. 

However, one lazy Saturday I asked Husband what he wanted for breakfast and he responded with donuts. When I say that this was a “lazy” Saturday, what I mean is that I had no intention of leaving my house. None whatsoever. Anything that couldn’t be accomplished in soft sweatpants was not going to be done. 

Apparently, my definition of “lazy” really just means I don’t want to get dressed, because as soon as he suggested donuts, I started research homemade donut recipes. I think I might need a refresher course on how to relax. 

I found Paula Deen’s great, simple recipe for homemade donuts using canned biscuits. I whipped up her vanilla and chocolate glazes, set out sprinkles, coconut, and cinnamon-sugar, and got to work. 

We had way more fun than any people our age should have decorating donuts. I think I need to bring my nephews into the fold next time, for appearance’s sake (and possibly to witness the creative/gross topping combinations they would come up with – my money would be on cereal and gummy bears)!

These would be so much fun on Christmas morning!

I suggest trying these at home – they were very easy, so delicious served hot, and were fun to make. Next time, I’m going to make a strawberry glaze as well. 

Recipe: Paula Deen’s Canned Biscuit Dough Donuts and Holes

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