Easter Craftiness

Last year, Easter weekend involved just BF and myself, nothing special. Nevertheless, I made about three dozen adorable macaroon birds nests filled with Nutella, Cadbury crackle eggs and Peeps. They were adorable, and largely uneaten. This year, though, I get to spend the holiday with real live children! The kind who find the prospect of thirty six themed candy-covered cookies delightful! I have been planning some adorable Easter goodness, thanks to Pinterest. Here are some of my ideas to help think of ways to fill the Easter baskets in your life: 

Adorable cake pops:

Sweet nothings inside the world’s most adorable painted eggs:

More eggshell crafts: 

And how sweet are these bunny-tailed flower garlands?:

It’s not all about sweets. Here’s a cute hummus serving idea:

And another sugar-free idea that I would be all about, if I didn’t find deviled eggs so, well, devilish:

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