Garden Party Yearnings

With all of my wedding festivities coming up, I’ve had events and decor on the brain! I absolutely love to host a party, but it’s going to be a few years before I’m prepared for my own garden party (grow, little plants, grow) since I’ve been a “gardener” for all of two weeks (and my mom did 100% of the work). 

I attempted a “deck party,” which is basically a sad garden party, for one of my sweet friends to celebrate her engagement. Although I gave it all the effort in the world, I really do think that some butterfly bushes and blossoming hydrangeas would have improved the ambiance. There’s only so much that cute decorations and champagne lemonade can compensate for: 

Luckily, there is a public garden party coming up next week, and it features amazing food. The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks hosts its annual Chefs in the Garden event next Thursday (September 12th, 2013) and I’m so honored to have been invited as part of a food blogging crew that features some fantastic local talent. I’ll be posting plenty of inspiration from the event, of course, and I hope that everyone can make it out to support a beautiful place in a beautiful community. 

In the meantime, my mom’s garden really deserves mention. One day I hope that my thumb turns from whatever color is the opposite of green (red?) to an iota of her flourishing green space. Her current projects have been getting crafty with succulents.

Look at what she’s done with these stumps, how cool is that? 

And she is sharing her flowers so generously for my wedding. I’ve ordered a bouquet, hair accessory, and centerpiece from the cutest mint-green shop on the Fayetteville square – Pigmint – but the rest of the flowers will all be from her garden. We’ll have beauties like these: 

And these: 

In addition to fresh floral arrangements, my crafty mom has also started making me the most glamorous ice cubes in the history of all ice cubes (I checked it out, that award hasn’t been otherwise taken yet. It’s hers. Leave it.) with frozen roses! I cannot get over these and cannot wait for it to keep my wedding bubbly chilled and chic: 

So, while I’ll be at the Chefs in the Garden party for the food and fun (obviously), I’ll also be on a mission for even more garden inspiration. Wish me luck. By this time next year, I just might be able to brag about more than just picking my *first ever* home-grown chives (but I totally got to do that this weekend, just saying): 

In the meantime, I hope you can join me at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

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