Mexican Fiesta Shower

We co-hosted a couple’s stock the bar shower this weekend for a couple of friends who would have been elated had we just opened a bag of tortilla chips and unscrewed a jar of salsa. They are very easy to please, which made pleasing them just that much more fun.

This should really be the last party-related post shared here or anywhere else. I’ve found the definitive answer to every host trying to determine what theme to use for a shower or party. You can de-activate your Pinterest boards. 

The answer: Mexican Fiesta.

From the inexpensive decorations to the delicious food and plentiful libation options, the theme was easily pulled together and provided a relaxing backdrop for a fantastic shower. 

First: the decor. 

We had two pinatas, one each for the bride and groom, which we filled with things that they like (flower seeds for the bride and little plastic bottles of Fireball for the groom). No one really outgrows pinatas, do they? 

The co-hostess has amazing handwriting. How adorable is this “fiesta like there’s no manana” chalkboard? And the mini pinatas. I mean, come on. 

There are hundreds of inexpensive touches available online. I am a big fan of Amazon Prime, where I found these mini maracas. 

Yes, those are luchador masks covering the water decanters. 

And the co-hostess found a sombrero with a veil for the bride to wear, plus more papel picado banners to attach to the outdoor lighting. 

Second, the food. A Mexican shower is great because you can decide how much you want to do yourself and how much you want to “outsource.” 

We are lucky to live in an area with tons of Mexican grocery stores that sell pre-marinated meats ready to throw on the grill (and they taste infinitely less sugary and chemical-filled than the marinated meats you can buy at the chain grocery stores). We also have plenty of Mexican restaurants that serve a wide variety of salsas, quesos, and dips. We picked up several different kinds of salsas and made a few of our own. 

From the store/restaurant: marinated steak, freshly-made tortillas (heavenly!), three kinds of queso, jalapeno ranch, and a few salsas. 

Homemade: pork, guacamole, mojitos, elote dip, quinoa salad with roasted butternut and zucchini, salsa, chimichurri, and tres leches cupcakes. 

A few of my contributions were from recipes that I have already posted. I made my Chimichurri, which we served as a tangy topping for the steak. I also made my Mexican corn dip, but this time I turned up the flavor by grilling the jalapenos and corn the day before the party.

Husband smoked pork overnight before the party and pulled it for street-style tacos. Right before serving he and other host crisped it slightly on the grill. Perfection. 

I made tres leches cupcakes using Taste of Home’s recipe. The only modification that I made was folding in 1 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon into the batter and adding extra vanilla. 

As you can see, we had a great time putting the details into this party and our friends were ecstatic. Let me know if you ever need to borrow a sarape!

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